Signed Helmet Giveaway Kicks Off

Signed Helmet Giveaway Kicks Off - Cannadips®

It’s been quite a season this year, and whether college or pro ball is your thing, it is hard to deny the excitement of the playoff season.  Given that American Football is coming to a close, the crew at Cannadips has decided to celebrate with a giveaway that we wish we could join in on.

Whose autographed helmet would look killer in your man cave?  Who have you been following and cheering on for years? We are giving out 3 signed helmets to 3 winners.  Yeah.  Winner’s choice of your favorite active football player.  

There are plenty of ways to rack up entries and improve your odds of winning.  No purchase is necessary, although we know many of you will totally want to stock up on the original CBD dip pouch right after jumping in to win.  

Giveaway ends February 12, 2022 at 11:59PM PST and we will announce the winner on the day of The Big Game.  In the meantime, everyone in the Lipboomer Crew can follow the latest from Cannadips on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and You Tube.

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