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Case Mandel steps in as CEO

Posted by Luis Bressoud on May 30th 2023

Case Mandel steps in as CEO

HUMBOLDT, Calif., (Deep in the heart of the Emerald Triangle) May 26, 2023/-- Boldt Runners Corp. (the "Company"), the exclusive licensee of Cannadips hemp products and the leading bioactive pouch company globally have announced today in response to the shifting market demands for innovative new products the appointment of Case Mandel as CEO.

Case Mandel the Founder of Cannadips previously held the role as the Chief Creative Officer as well as leading product innovation in the organization. As the company has morphed from strictly Cannadips CBD to a plethora of products from; Cannadips Fuel, Cannadips Terpenes, Cannadips Rippers, REVD caffeine pouches, and other new botanical innovations it has decided it necessary to appoint Case Mandel to take the torch while it completes its strategic shift in its business. Case has been the pivotal driving force in the creation of Boldt Runners as being the Bioactive Pouch company of the future and it is time for the Founder to take the reins when it comes to guiding the ship in the turbulent waters of the marketplace.

“As the market has changed it has proven that being innovative and profitable is absolutely necessary to thrive. As the FDA has been slow to accept CBD, we have changed our laser focus from CBD at C-Store retail to broadening our scope too delivering many adult compounds in our patented delivery system. We won’t stop selling Cannadips CBD which is our core business, but we will start utilizing our intellectual property in greater depth as we look to dominate the next generation products category for pouches.” said Mandel.

Case Mandel has filed and gotten approved the 2 patents that make the Boldt Runners technology so disruptive when it comes to the oral-delivery space. The Boldt Runners able to deliver flavor unsurpassed by any pouch product on earth because of their coconut coir delivery system and also are able to deliver bio-actives rapidly through their innovative pouch fleece technology.

Be on the lookout for the Captain of the Coastal Cowboys to continue to deliver new and exciting products that are sure to shakeup the space. Cannadips Rippers are a perfect example of entering a space with product compliance that doesn’t exist elsewhere to bring the Humboldt Experience nationwide. There are also products in the works that run the gamut on effects and use of bio-actives. “The Future is smokeless products that are not just good for you or better for you but are GREAT for you. We are the tip of the spear and will continue to be the champions of the oral delivery pouch space.” said Mandel

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