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Cannabis Your Way: Getting High Without Smoking

Posted by Jen Pike on Aug 30th 2022

Cannabis Your Way: Getting High Without Smoking

Key Points:

  • Smoking weed is only one way to enjoy the effects of the cannabis plant. For people who wish to avoid the smell or find a more discreet method, edibles, oils, vapes, and dips are all good ways of getting high without smoking.
  • Each delivery method has its pros and cons. Some are a hassle to dose, others aren’t as discreet, or they take hours to take effect. At Cannadips, we spent years perfecting our Cannadips collections to ensure they suit each guy's needs and delivery a discrete and fast acting dose.
  • Cannadips THC is a tobacco-free and nicotine-free dip alternative. It offers a discreet, fast-acting way of getting high without smoking weed. Guys who use THC-infused Cannadips rave about the long-lasting flavor experience these neat and easy-to-use pouches deliver.
  • For guys who want to try cannabis without smoking or a high, Cannadips CBD is the way to go. Similar in appearance to our THC-infused dip, our CBD pouches are also free from tobacco and nicotine. However, CBD dips do not contain traceable amounts of THC (less than 0.3%), meaning you can still enjoy cannabis compounds and our one-of-a-kind flavors without the intoxication.


There are many ways to appreciate weed, but typically people think of using a bong, pipe, or joint. Truthfully, smoking doesn’t appeal to everyone. For people who use cannabis for its medicinal properties, they may find it challenging to associate smoking a joint with medical treatment. Smoking may also attract unwanted attention from neighbors who dislike its aroma.

There are numerous reasons why some guys want to avoid smoking weed. Whether it's to find an option they feel good about, to switch to something more discreet, or to avoid the lengthy cleaning process needed to remove the well-known scent. Over the years, people have discovered more ways to consume cannabis plant compounds without the need for combustion. We’re breaking it down for you here.

Other ways of getting high without smoking

In states where it’s legal, you can see many of the following products as alternatives to smoking. We’re diving into each one to help you guys find your best alternative to smoking.


Cannabis flower amongst a pile of weed edibles.

From the infamous pot brownie to candy, cookies, and cakes, edibles are one of many fun ways of getting high without smoking. If the smell and flavor of cannabis doesn't spark your taste buds, edibles are a good alternative if you have a sweet tooth. However, with the extra calories and sweet flavors, THC-infused candy doesn’t suit everyone and takes a long time to kick in. Edibles travel through your digestive system before the THC can reach your bloodstream to take effect. This process takes much longer than other cannabis consumption methods and is a potential drawback for some men.


Known for their high-strength, tinctures offer a more direct way to consume cannabis compounds without smoking. As the substance bypasses the digestive tract, it takes effect quicker than edibles. However, getting your dosage right and consistent is an awkward and tedious task. Some guys simply don’t like the hassle of measuring oils. While oils and tinctures present a decent way of getting high without smoking, they are messy and don’t always taste great.


One of the obvious alternatives to smoking weed is vaping. Guys can choose from a vape pen or dry herb vaporizer to relish the intoxicating effects of THC. Depending on your chosen device, it may be fiddly to set up, still produce a smell (albeit not as potent), and cause a visible vapor. Although vapes can be more subtle, they aren’t entirely discreet, so it’s best to think about what you’re looking for from an alternative before jumping onto this trend. There is also a lot of new science around the harm of combustion and even vaping so if you want to protect your lungs we recommend considering a different option.


A person holding a pot of golden cannabis wax. Dabbing is a way to “smoke” cannabis concentrates like shatter, wax, resin, or budder. This is a somewhat new method that is gaining popularity. Dabbing uses a glass pipe known as a dab ring. The pipe consists of a “nail” (made of metal or glass) heated to a very high temperature. Once it is sufficiently heated, the concentrate gets put in, where it begins to bubble and vaporize; the user sucks the potent vapor through a glass tube (similar to a traditional bong). Dabbing is an alternative to smoking, but it doesn’t offer much in the way of discreetness or simplicity. It still creates a strong smell, flavor, and smoke and requires a visible device to use the concentrates.

THC Dips

Derivided as an alternative to tobacco dips, cannabis chew is one of the newest ways to consume THC in a discreet and easy manner. Similar in appearance to tobacco chew, THC pouches contain various ingredients, which vary between suppliers. Generally, they consist of a filler and a consistent dose of cannabis extract, packaged in a pouch ready to place between your gum and lip. THC is delivered orally, bypassing the digestive system for a quicker effect. These are one of the best options for men on the hunt for something super discreet and straightforward.

Cannadips THC for getting high without smoking

A can of Natural Mint Cannadips THC being held in view of a marina.

Cannadips THC was born at the hands of redwood outlaws in the hills of Humboldt County, California. The Cannadips crew originated from these hills; we grew up immersed in its culture, knowing there was a way we could make the dipping scene better. We wanted to create something revolutionary. So, we did.

Cannabis chew is an alternative guys can feel good about. A tobacco-free and nicotine-free pouch that focuses on delivering high-quality cannabis compounds. Here at Cannadips, we wouldn’t choose any other cannabis dip. Here’s why:

No Smoke, No Smell

The number one thing you’re looking for: no smoke and no smell. If you’re searching for another way to get high without smoking, these THC pouches are well hidden and hassle-free. There’s no combustion required; simply put a pouch between your lip and gum, and let the plant compounds take effect. It’s as easy as that.

Fast-acting experience

We use unique technology and ingredients to supercharge our dip and improve the way the THC delivers. Cannadips THC requires you to put a dip between your gum and lip. This way, the THC coats your gums and works its way around your mouth (and throat), going directly into your bloodstream. Our delivery method is rapid, with the THC taking effect almost immediately - unlike edibles. Although these dips are spitless, it's up to you whether you spit or not. That said, the way we designed Cannadips means swallowing the substance (not the pouch itself!) actually improves delivery and gets more of the THC into your system.

Quality ingredients

Our American-grown cannabis comes from the local farmers in the famous Humboldt hills. We honor our local legacy and craft Cannadips with high-quality plant extracts, ensuring you get the most from your dip. Never choosing cannabis outside of our region is key in delivering the best stuff for the Lipboomer Crew.

Flavors for every dipper

Cannadips THC is an excellent way for getting high without smoking and offers a range of flavors to suit every dipper. So, whether you’re looking for a tobacco dip alternative or want to swap your joint for a quality cannabis chew, guys who try Cannadips THC love our range of flavors and long-lasting experience. You can choose from the likes of Natural Mint, Tangy Citrus, and many other dope flavors.

How to take marijuana without smoking or getting high

Some men want to try the cannabis plant without the high associated with marijuana. Hemp, another variety of the cannabis plant, contains low levels of THC - the intoxicating compound. If you’re looking to smoke weed without getting high, CBD products are your bestbet.

Although some people might use CBD flower to enjoy smoking weed without getting high, other guys still want to steer clear of it and avoid any unwanted attention the smell brings. Like THC, there are many options for using CBD without smoking. Canandips CBD is our collection of tobacco, nicotine, and THC-free dips that feature American Grown Hemp CBD.

CBD pouches are rapid-acting, subtle in design and delivery, and come in a variety of flavors to suit you. This is how to take marijuana without smoking or getting high - it’s perfect for a post-work chill with your buddies.

Final breakdown

There you have it - some of the top ways of getting high without smoking. Our guys love using Cannadips THC when they need a portable, discreet, no-fuss method of appreciating weed. Even our CBD dips have become a revolutionary alternative to traditional tobacco dipping for some Cannadips customers. Cannadips CBD pouches are great for a mid-week chill or those guys who want to try cannabis without the intoxication.

That said, next time you need a way of getting high without smoking, grab a tin of Cannadips THC and enjoy a new way to get high.


How to take marijuana without smoking or getting high?

If you’re looking for a way to consume cannabis without smoking it or experiencing the high caused by THC, you can look for CBD products with untraceable amounts of THC (less than 0.03%). Cannadips CBD is a tobacco, nicotine, and THC-free dip, perfect for guys looking for a discreet and subtle way to try cannabis plant compounds.

What are some other ways of getting high without smoking?

If you’re not interested in smoking weed, you may prefer edibles, vapes, or dabbing. However, some of these don’t provide the subtlety that many guys are looking for, while others, like edibles, take a long time to kick in. Instead, we turn to Cannadips THC for an inconspicuous, fast-acting, and flavorful way of getting high without smoking.

Can you get high from eating raw weed?

In a bid to avoid smoking, some people wonder if eating raw weed can get you high. Cannabis plant compounds must go through a process called decarboxylation, which involves heat to turn the acidic versions of the compounds into the ones we know as THC, CBD etc. Therefore, it’s unlikely that consuming raw weed will cause a noticeable high. Cannadips THC is a simple alternative that’s well hidden, fast-acting, and dope as hell.

Do Cannadips get you high?

Cannadips THC features a full spectrum of cannabis compounds (known as cannabinoids), including THC, CBD, CBG, and CBN; therefore, they will cause a high. Cannadips CBD, on the other hand, contains CBD isolates and untraceable amounts of THC, so it won’t cause a high for users. Check the laws in your state to ensure you can safely buy and consume these products.


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