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Cannadips Launches the Fuel Line

Posted by Jen Pike on Sep 6th 2022

Cannadips Launches the Fuel Line

HUMBOLDT, Calif., Sep.6 , 2022 -- Boldt Runners Corp. (the "Company"), the

manufacturer of Cannadips CBD, the Modern Dip Alternative, announced
today that they have launched a new lineup of Cannadips products
nationwide. The new line is called Cannadips Fuel. Cannadips Fuel is a suite of
sleep and energy products that utilize other cannabinoids like CBN and CBG
in combination with other bioactive ingredients. With over 58% of Americans
reporting that they aren’t sleeping well, Cannadips is excited to enter six new
challengers to the sleep and energy game that they hope will take the nation
by storm.

Cannadips Sleep Fuel is designed to rapidly deliver CBN “Cannabinol” as well
as a low dose of melatonin. The Cannadips team is incredibly excited about
the prospects of the Sleep Fuel products. Initial consumer testing has been
very encouraging. “We heard from hundreds of consumers, who got to try
Cannadips Sleep Fuel early. Seventy-five percent told us they would buy this
product and 85% scored it in the top two boxes for taste. We are really
excited by this feedback as well as the testimonials that have come in.” said
Jen Pike, CRO, Boldt Runners Corp. The Cannadips Sleep Fuel lineup will
come in their leading flavor Mint as well as Caramel and Peach.

Cannadips Go Fuel is designed to rapidly deliver CBG “Cannabigerol” as well
as caffeine and guarana. This product is like an energy drink on the go, with
none of the hassle and Cannadips’ famous, long-lasting tastes. The
combination of caffeine and guarana makes for an energy pouch that we
think is leaps ahead of the competition. Not only does the Cannadips Go Fuel
deliver knockout energy it tastes amazing. Other caffeine pouch products
are incredibly sour tasting due to the nature of caffeine. Cannadips has found
a magic mix to keep their famous flavoring system intact and keep guys clear
from the bitter beer face of a traditional caffeine based pouch. Cannadips
Fuel comes in their leading flavors of Mint and Mango, as well as Mocha.

“This is a project that has been in the works for over two years and is the
pinnacle of the innovation and offering we have yet developed.” Said Boldt
Runners Founder and President Case Mandel. “These are products that
address massive categories that are filled with ineffective or synthetic
alternatives. To be able to base our Fuel Line on two minor Cannabinoids
that we believe have unbelievable effects and provide our patented and
leading delivery system as a method of dose gets me really excited.
Consumers are about to experience, in my opinion, the best sleep product on
the market, as well as an energy product that makes you ready to run through walls. We continue to provide innovative experiences that triumph
traditional modalities and they all center around one amazing species of
plant” says Mandel.

The Cannadips Fuel line will be available online immediately and in select
retail channels across the United States beginning in late 2022. Retailers that
want to get ahead of the wave and carry the latest innovation from
Cannadips that are sure to make serious traction in their shops can email The Cannadips Fuel products will be available

About Boldt Runners Corporation

The Boldt Runners Corporation is based in the heart of Humboldt County,
California. Boldt Runners manufactures, markets and sells Cannadips CBD,
Cannadips Terpenes, and Cannadips Fuel – the Modern Dip Alternatives. It
has been built on the same values of quality, craftsmanship, and innovation
that have made the Humboldt County region world-famous. Since 2018,
Cannadips CBD has been paving the way to a full flavor, tobacco-free and
nicotine-free experience for traditional dippers. For further information
please check out

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