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Stay Fresh: How to Get Rid of Cannabis Smell

Posted by Jen Pike on Aug 27th 2022

Stay Fresh: How to Get Rid of Cannabis Smell

Key Points:

  • Whether you like it or not, we all know that familiar weed smell. Although cannabis can be used for medicinal purposes as well as for adult use in certain states, federal laws mean there is still a severe stigma surrounding this herb's fresh and skunky tones.
  • Getting rid of the cannabis smell isn’t just about hiding it. In fact, we advise checking the laws in your state before using any cannabis plant products. Whether your folks are visiting, you don’t want to upset your neighbors, or simply don’t like the smell yourself, there’s many reasons to get rid of it. Smoking outside or with the windows open is the best way to get rid of cannabis plant smell, but if you’re trying to keep your neighbors happy, this may not be an option for you.
  • Alongside general cleaning, incense and air fresheners can remove the earthy scents from your home or car. Wash clothing regularly on a hot wash, using white vinegar if the smell lingers.
  • Hygiene products from your local grocery store can help remove cannabis smell from your hair and body. Although a mint mouthwash might do the trick, why not try a Natural Mint Cannadips CBD after you smoke a joint?
  • If all this cleaning and refreshing isn’t for you, try our one-of-a-kind Cannadips THC dips. No smoke. No smell. No hassle. Grab a can, load up and enjoy your easiest high ever.


The cannabis plant is known for many things, including its natural, earthy aroma. It’s one of a kind and easily recognizable, even for those who aren’t as familiar with the different strains. Guys typically describe cannabis aroma as skunky, fresh, piney and sometimes gassy. I’m sure youve heard some buddies in the neighborhood talk about that gas. This scent is satisfying and welcomed to some, but for others, that distinct platter of aromas is simply dreadful.

One of the main factors affecting the potency of cannabis smell is the harvest time. Fully matured plants will have a strong, pungent aroma, while younger plants have a milder, softer scent. Alongside harvest time, terpenes also affect how weed smells. Terpenes aren’t exclusive to the cannabis plant; they are responsible for the aromatic properties in multiple plants, such as pine and lavender. So we can thank terpenes like myrcene, limonene, and caryophyllene, for cannabis’ legendary smell.

Despite the stigma surrounding the plant, there are many reasons to get rid of cannabis plant smell. Some men want to avoid a bad smell when their folks visit, while others want to enjoy their privacy, keep nosy neighbors away and enjoy their buds in peace.

One of the best ways to get rid of the cannabis smell is ventilation - smoking a joint outside, opening up the windows, and letting the fresh air clear your home. However, it's not always as simple as cracking a window - the smell of weed is a dead giveaway. Even as more states legalize cannabis, many people still hold negative delusions about the herb and its intense smell.

So, we are breaking it down for you guys today. We’re not going to tell you to smoke in the shower to hide your cannabis smoke, although many guys have tried this or swear by it (whatever works for you, man). These are some of the best ways to get rid of cannabis at home, in your car, or from your clothes. We’ll also dive into some prevention methods and alternatives (like Cannadips, of course) to avoid those pungent aromas sticking around. Continue reading to learn how to remove the smell of cannabis.

How to get rid of cannabis smell in the house

Whether your folks are visiting or you just prefer enjoying weed in private, many guys want to remove cannabis smell from their house. Here’s the lowdown on how to get rid of the smell of cannabis without raising suspicions.

Burn Incense

A close up image of a burning incense stick letting off smoke.

Burning incense is a popular way to quickly remove cannabis smell from your space. The smoke covers the smell of the weed, replacing it with another pungent, recognizable scent. Nag Champa is a good option for guys needing to hide the smell quickly. This traditional scent is commonly burnt in ashrams, featuring warm and earthy tones. If you don’t want to smell like a yoga studio a scented candle will also do the trick.

Air Freshener Products

If you’ve got a pet wandering around your yard, you’ll probably find air fresheners in your cupboard. Grab a hand-held trigger-action can to eliminate the odor after smoking. Alternatively, you can use a gel-based device, set it up next to your weed stash and enjoy a longer-lasting effect. These air freshener products aren’t a long-term solution, but they can offer a quick way to remove cannabis smell from your house and blast a scent that won’t trigger your visitors. Alongside air fresheners, air purifiers also do a good job cleaning the air of pet odors and allergens and might be an awesome option for weed users.

Wash Fabrics and Surfaces

Weed smells love to stick around and cling to fabrics around the house. If you’re getting desperate and trying to get rid of the cannabis smell completely, make sure blankets, cushion covers and other soft fabrics go through the wash. It’s tedious, boring, and downright dull, but it does the trick. You can even wash hard surfaces, like kitchen counters, walls, and ceilings, to remove the lingering cannabis molecules. This is super easy to do with a washcloth and a 1:1 mixture of white distilled vinegar and water.

Personally, we don’t like getting rid of the skunky smell of cannabis because it’s a drab task. Instead, we grab a Cannadips tin for a no-fuss dip. Guys who use Cannadips don’t have to worry about odor or smoke, but still get a premium dose of weed.

Remove cannabis plant smell on clothing

Since this herb loves to stick around, it’s a good idea to wash your clothes. When you remove cannabis smell on clothing, the first step to keeping your gear clean is simply washing it. However, if you’re here because you DID do that and there’s still a lingering weed odor, then here are some quick tips that any dude can try.

  • Wash clothes in very hot water (check the label, so your stuff doesn’t shrink)
  • Wash in white vinegar and laundry detergent (the acetic acid in the vinegar helps neutralize strong odors)
  • Lastly, if the above tips didn’t do it, try adding baking soda or hydrogen peroxide to your wash.

Chances are, if you don’t want your house or clothing to smell, you also want to keep your hair and body fresh. There are plenty of products that can rid of the cannabis stench available at your local grocery store. Grab a quick shower and chew some mint gum for a quick refresh.

Alternatively, try a Cannadips CBD pouch in our Natural Mint flavor and keep the weed smell away for longer. Thanks to our one-of-a-kind formula and American Grown Hemp CBD, these CBD dip pouches offer a lasting flavor experience. Guys are always telling us that these CBD dips give them the right amount of flavor for longer. It’s exactly what you need to freshen up after enjoying some herb - your parents or roommate won’t know any different.

How to remove cannabis smell from car

We do not advise driving while cannabis is still in your system, but we get that it can end up in your car from time to time. Whether you’re storing it in there or stopping for the night on a road trip and enjoying a quick hit before bed, it’s no secret that the smell lingers. You may be moving your car on, lending it to a buddy or your mom; whatever the reason, here are the best ways to rid of cannabis smell inside your car.

  • Open the windows and let the airflow
  • Hang an air freshener
  • Vacuum and clean your car

If you’re transporting weed in your car, check the laws in the state you’ll be in first. It’s best to keep fresh flower unopened, in the trunk, and inside an airtight container.

A large grow in a hoop house grow room.

What to do to remove cannabis smell before you smoke

The best way to remove cannabis smell is to take a few quick measures before you get high. No one enjoys housework, so try these tips to minimize cannabis smells spreading throughout your space.

Choose a strain with a weaker smell

For guys who prefer smoking, you can consider a strain with a weaker odor. The terpene known as myrcene causes the strong skunky aroma that many dudes attribute to the plant. If you want to avoid strains high in myrcene, stay away from the likes of Sour Diesel and AK-47, and choose something with a less intruding scent.

Use proper storage

If you store your weed properly, it not only keeps it fresher for longer but locks in the smell too. Airtight containers aren’t hard to come by; you can grab a mason jar from your grocery store. Carbon filters are popular for indoor growing areas, but some guys add similar products to their storage to absorb any scent that might escape your stash. Some smell-proof bags now feature activated carbon (also known as activated charcoal) lining, preventing those intense odors from giving you away.

You may also wonder how to get rid of that cannabis burnt roach smell in a container. Cleaning storage containers can aid odor control and stop weed smells from sticking around. The build-up of plant resin can also cause mold to develop, which is best to avoid! If you smoke cannabis, get rid of excess smell by cleaning out your containers. It’s as easy as using:

  • Isopropyl Alcohol (ISO)
  • Hot water and rock salt
  • A dishwasher

A pound of marijuana that has been manicure and is shown in a turkey bag.

Try alternatives

Cannabis has a potent smell; while some people love its unique aroma, others don’t take a liking to it. If you still want to use cannabis-based products, Cannadips are the perfect way to still enjoy cannabis without the smell from smoking. The strongest aromas typically come from burning herb; that’s why guys who try Cannadips are so impressed by the lack of burning, smoke, or smell that accompanies their experience.

Final Breakdown

Let’s wrap this up. Those were some quick and simple methods for how to get rid of the smell of cannabis. But, let’s be real, who wants to spend their days washing clothes and cleaning the house? For those guys who want something a bit more painless, our legendary collection of Cannadips THC does the trick. Get the high without the hassle.

If you’re road tripping, hanging out with your family, or undergoing drug testing, why not give our CBD dip a go instead? These are perfect for a weekday chill with your buddies.

It’s a dip you can feel good about.


How to get rid of bomb ass smell of cannabis?

Keeping your stash in an airtight container and your house clean and well-ventilated is the best way to keep weed smells away. You can use incense and air fresheners after smoking a joint to clear some of the smell, but if you’re looking for an alternative, grab a tin of Cannadips for a hassle-free high.

Does an air purifier remove the smell of cannabis?

Air purifiers help improve the quality of air in your home. Many people use them to clear the smell of cannabis, but it’s better to opt for a carbon filter rather than a conventional HEPA filter because the particles from smoked cannabis are pretty small. If you’re looking for an easier solution, Cannadips is smoke-free, so you won’t need to buy all this extra equipment.

How to get rid of cannabis cooking smell?

Making cannabis butter or oil can be great if you’re into edibles, but it’s no surprise they cause a smell! Always have your vents on and open windows when you cook with weed. This lets the natural airflow clear the smell from your kitchen.

Will incense get rid of cannabis smell?

Incense is a common way many weed users get rid of the chlorophyll smell cannabis produces. It’s a recognizable scent in itself and usually more accepted than cannabis’ aroma. There are numerous masculine scents out there, but Nag Champa is a favored option for guys because it has an earthy scent when you burn it.

How well do charcoal filters remove cannabis smell?

Activated carbon or charcoal filters are extremely effective at removing the smell of weed from your home. It works by absorbing the odors in the air and trapping and storing them in the activated carbon.

How to get rid of cannabis smell when growing?

Carbon filters are a popular option for professional, legal growers wanting to minimize disruption to their neighbors and casual users trying to eliminate odor from their stash with a carbon smell-proof bag.

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