OG Episode 5: Long Drivers Jacob Golliday and Wes Patterson

OG Episode 5: Long Drivers Jacob Golliday and Wes Patterson - Cannadips®

Our Old Growth OG’s Series captures some of the conversations our Co-Founder, Case Mandel, has with the interesting guys in his orbit: athletes (both current and former), awarded cannabis growers, and current day industry leading creators.  It’s a chance to share in fun, fascinating friendships and hear different takes on the future and past of cannabis, sports, creative pursuits and of course, from time to time, the trials of quitting dip and fresh takes on the best dip alternatives.

“It’s the re-education of the cannabis plant and the re-education that golf isn’t a stuck up sport”.  When it comes to the evolution of golf and how it is taking over the younger generation with fresh new vibes, clothing/style, etiquette - there are no better leaders than world renowned long drive champions: Jacob Golliday (Jesus of Golf) and Wes Patterson

Cannadips Co-Founder Case travels to New York and New Jersey to connect with these two legends - best known for hitting 400+ yard bombs on every course they grace while wearing vans and breaking norms.  The boys take on the PGA Memes Challenge and talk about how the sport of golf is changing and what they are doing to ensure that the future is bright.

Cannabis and Hemp in sports is gaining popularity and people are finally starting to open up key discussions around the benefits to recovery but also to aiding in performance.  Golf - always considered very legacy - is evolving at a rapid rate primarily because of innovators like the Long Drive community as well as social media legends that are pushing for the sport to become more mainstream and current with culture.

View Episode 5 here, and if it inspires you for an evolved dip alternative, you can always pick up some tins here or at a retailer near you.

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