Anytime, Anywhere: Creative Ways To Use Cannabis Discreetly And Avoid Smelling Like Weed

Anytime, Anywhere: Creative Ways To Use Cannabis Discreetly And Avoid Smelling Like Weed - Cannadips®


  • There are lots of guys curious about CBD or other cannabinoids but are put off by the smell of marijuana or think they might end up getting high. Some CBD products can smell a bit like weed as they are made from hemp (a type of cannabis plant). However, hemp has no more than 0.3% THC, so there’s not a chance you’ll get high.  Unless you're ready to smoke a pound.
  • Smoking cannabis is not the only way to enjoy cannabinoids and terpenes. There are some really innovative CBD products now available on the market, including edibles, topical creams, and tinctures. One of the most discreet and enjoyable ways to enjoy CBD is through CBD dip pouches.
  • When choosing which CBD products you want to use, it's worth having a basic understanding of bio-availability. This term refers to the quantity and rate at which our bodies absorb the CBD compound into the bloodstream. Every different CBD delivery method will have its own bio-availability and use.
  • Taking CBD sublingually (orally) or inhaling it (smoking/vaping) has the highest bio-availability rates. CBD dip pouches (a sublingual option) are also great for getting CBD into your system easily and quickly. You can place a CBD pouch under your tongue, but most guys prefer to put it between their lip and gums.


It’s 2022 people, not the days of early propaganda and regular guys are becoming more educated about cannabis – from its uses to the different types of plants. However, this doesn't mean it's acceptable to puff on a CBD vape at your kid's baseball game or take a dose from a CBD dropper in the middle of a restaurant. There can still be a bit of stigma and confusion around cannabis use, especially in public.  The baby boomers still have some trauma from the older generations that continue to bleed through.

Plus, there’s no getting away from it, cannabis plants have a pretty recognizable scent, and it's not everyone's favorite. Those new to CBD sometimes worry people will end up smelling weed on them and start to mistake their hemp products as less socially accepted THC products.   

Luckily for our everyday cannabis fans, we've got you covered. It's now simpler than ever to use CBD in public – discreetly and acceptably.  Or for that matter any of the cannabinoids from CBN and CBG to even THC if you are in California. Read on to learn how you can enjoy CBD without unwarranted attention.

Does CBD smell like weed?

A marijuana grow in a hoop house.

Some of you guys might be a bit worried that CBD smells like weed.  No this doesn’t mean you are “soft” it just means you don’t want to blow your cover or create stigma around use.  We get it, sure, you shouldn’t be bothered when you're in the privacy of your own home, but when you're out and about for the world to see and smell, it's not something everyone is comfortable with. Some CBD products out there advertise themselves as fragrance-free, but when it comes to CBD, that's not necessarily what everyone enjoys. After all, you want some flavor!

Some CBD can have a slight cannabis smell. This is because the reality is that both THC and CBD come from the same plant species and share similar terpenes. CBD is a cannabinoid located within the cannabis plant family. Hemp and marijuana plants are almost identical, apart from one major exception – THC content.

THC (short for tetrahydrocannabinol) is the psychoactive compound responsible for the famous "high" associated with weed. What we’re known for in Humboldt County baby. CBD (short for cannabidiol) is an active ingredient in cannabis derived from the hemp plant but does not cause a high and has no signs of being addictive. Hemp plants contain less than 0.3% THC, which is not enough to cause a psychoactive effect.

So, does CBD smell like THC weed? In some cases, CBD can smell very similar to weed due to terpenes. These are pungent compounds that plants naturally produce to repel pests and attract pollinators. Terpenes (or "terps" for short) have been found to not only be responsible for the scents plants expel but can also have some powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties.

Tips For Using CBD in Public

The Cannadips Crew enjoying food at a picnic table outside the manufacturing facility.

Many people are interested in CBD but are put off by the smell or worried people will think they are getting high. First off, CBD isolates made from hemp will not get you high. Instead, you have the opportunity to enjoy cannabinoids without the effects of THC. There are also some awesome CBD products out there that make it much easier to get a CBD dose when you're out and about.

Gone are the days when smoking cannabis buds was the main way to get those cannabinoids into your system. CBD smoke can give off a smell, and there are a lot of public places that don't allow smoking or vaping. Some people could also mistake the CBD bud smell for THC-rich marijuana – not ideal if you're hanging with the family or at a sports game or even enjoying a flick at your local theatre.

Some people use topical CBD products. These can have their uses, but let's get real, you're probably not going to want to walk around with some cream in your back pocket and start rubbing it on with your buddies in the bar.  That just isn’t how you roll.

If you're a fan of chewing tobacco or dips, you'll be happy to hear CBD can now be taken in dip form. Cannadips are a fantastic way to swap out tobacco and nicotine products for CBD. We use American Grown Hemp to extract top-quality CBD isolate for an innovative evolution of the traditional dip.

CBD pouches, like Cannadips, can be used anywhere and anytime. They also have excellent bio-availability, meaning the CBD is absorbed quickly in your mouth and gets into your system in no time. However, we also recognize that not everyone likes the hemp smell or taste, so we have created CBD pouches that have great flavor and can be used discreetly.

A Few Facts About Bioavailability

A hand holding a can of Cannadips CBD against a red background

Good quality CBD doesn't come cheap, so you want to get more bang for your buck when using cannabis products. For this, you will need to grasp the basics of how the body absorbs CBD into the system. So put the concerns around hemp plant odor to the side for a moment, and let's consider the bio-availability of different CBD delivery methods.

Bio-availability refers to the quantity and rate at which the body absorbs the CBD compound into the bloodstream. The CBD that reaches the bloodstream is then transported by the body's cells and tissues. There are now lots of ways to use CBD, and each has its own bio-availability rates.

  • Edible CBD – There are a lot of oral CBD fans, as it is one of the most discrete and convenient ways to take it. These edible products taste pretty good, from CBD-infused candy bars to tangy CBD gummies. The downside is the bio-availability rates can be a bit shoddy on top of the sugar and gluten laden treats.

It can take a couple of hours before CBD reaches the system, and the CBD's potency can also be partly lost during the long process. The compound will need to pass through the digestive system, where it has to compete with digestive acids and enzymes before it’s absorbed. It's not all bad news, as once the CBD has reached your system, some studies have found it will remain in the body longer than other forms.

  • Sublingual CBD – Consuming CBD sublingually involves holding the product (such as a tincture or pouches) When CBD is absorbed through the buccal artery, it is transported directly to the bloodstream. As a result, it bypasses the digestive tract, allowing more CBD to be delivered to the system.

In addition, CBD taken in this way is only degraded by the saliva enzymes. This means it remains in higher concentration by not having to go through the liver, which destroys and lowers the bioavailability of CBD. Pouches work in a similar way to sublingual products as the CBD is dissolved directly through the mouth. You can even place a CBD pouch under your tongue, but most guys like to put it between the lip and gums.

  • Inhaling and Vaping CBD – Smoking cannabis is probably the winner when it comes to bioavailability, but it's not discreet. Turning CBD into airborne droplets makes it possible to inhale it into your lungs, where the droplets are absorbed via the thin mucus membrane to enter the bloodstream directly.

This method is quick and efficient as, unlike other forms, there is reduced compound breakdown as it simply enters the lungs and goes into your system. However, if you are concerned about an unpleasant hemp plant odor, smoking cannabis is probably not the best approach to using CBD.

  • Topical and Transdermal CBD – Putting CBD directly onto the skin will not result in much of the cannabinoids getting into your bloodstream. However, even though the bio-availability levels of topics and transdermal CBD products are low, they do provide a slow and steady absorption rate into the body. This means there is potential for maintaining a consistent level of CBD in the blood.

This approach is a great option if you have a particular area on the body that you want to target with CBD. For example, adding CBD topicals to your post-workout recovery routine is great for supporting sore muscles and tired joints. But, You'll probably want to use it in the privacy of your home or the gym changing rooms.

Closing Thoughts

CBD is awesome for giving us guys plenty of options for its application and use. If you want to be able to use CBD when you're out and about with your buddies, Cannadips are one of the best choices. You won't have to worry about a CBD smell or any funny looks. It also has fantastic bioavailability and is in a handy tin, so it's super easy to carry around in your back pockets.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why does cannabis smell so strong?

The main reason cannabis smells so strong is because of terps. One of the strongest and most recognizable cannabis terpenes is myrcene. You can also find myrcene in other fragrant plants – such as hops, thyme and bay leaf.

Does CBD have an odor? 

Yes, some CBD products can have a bit of a stink because the compound comes from hemp, which is a type of cannabis plant. Certain CBD products will smell less like cannabis and more like the terpenes that have been reintroduced during the production of the final product. This could be anything from a citrus terp to a fresh mint.

Can I use CBD at work?

Best to check with the boss to see if they mind, but Cannadips are a great option if they're okay with it. CBD dips are discreet, don't give off any funny smells, and are also made from American Grown Hemp, so you know they won't accidentally get you high.  

What's the most effective form of CBD?

How you judge the most effective way to take CBD will come  down to why you're taking it. Oral CBD has a great absorption rate, so if you're looking to get a dose of CBD into your system easily and quickly, opt for a CBD pouch, spray, or tincture. On the other hand, if you want to rub yourself in some cannabis goodness, go for a CBD topical.

How do CBD pouches work?

CBD pouches are easy to use and really effective in their bio-availability. You just put a Cannadips pouch between your cheek and gums and let your saliva help the CBD absorb quickly into your bloodstream. You've got tiny arteries in your cheeks which soak up all that true American CBD fire.


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