Cannadips CBD debuts “The Humboldt Collection”

Cannadips CBD debuts “The Humboldt Collection” - Cannadips®

Cannadips CBD, the Original Hemp CBD Dip Pouch announces the debut of “The Humboldt Collection” a strain-based collection of terpene-infused CBD pouches including ZKittlez, OG Kush, and Blue Dream. The tins will be debuted at “The Cannadips Hoop House Experience” at the 2020 Tobacco Plus Expo (Booth #6162) in Las Vegas, Nevada, January 29 – 30. The experience includes an authentic Hoop House and multiple performances by Deejay Theory, a pioneer at the forefront of the global “Tropical Bass” movement.

The Cannadips CBD micro-dose core collection is available at $14.99 with 150mg of American Hemp CBD and includes the following flavors:

  • Cannadips CBD Tangy Citrus
  • Cannadips CBD Natural Mint
  • Cannadips CBD American Spice
  • Cannadips CBD Fresh Wintergreen launching Q2 2020
  • Cannadips CBD Tropical Mango launching Q2 2020

The Humboldt Collection is an exciting new collection of strain-based Terpene blend profiles within a CBD snus pouch. Available in small-batch productions, the strains are available as exclusively at American Hemp retailers and dispensaries, or select retailers through regional distributors nationwide.   "We can finally bring the sizzle to the mainstream streets.  Long gone are the boring days of consumers being stuck with Big Tobaccos favorite version of wintergreen" said Cannadips CMO, Sam Morales.

Classic Tobacco flavors or dipping straight makes so much sense when you apply it to cannabis because of the unique blend profiles that the plant can produce. We believe these flavors can produce long term value to shareholders as they are not characterizing and allow for consumers to get a dose of Humboldt, California in their state or in their store without risk. The tins are clearly marked American Grown Hemp, and the Terpenes are natural ingredients, 100% compliant, and based on the terpene profile of iconic cannabis strains.

The Cannadips CBD “The Humboldt Collection” debuts at TPE 2020 with the following batch ready to ship nationwide in time for #Dipped420, April 20, 2020 release and includes:

  • Cannadips CBD “The Humboldt Collection: Zkittlez” debuting at (Booth #6162) at TPE 2020
  • Cannadips CBD “The Humboldt Collection: Blue Dream” debuting at (Booth #6162) at TPE 2020
  • Cannadips CBD “The Humboldt Collection: OG Kush” debuting at (Booth #6162) at TPE 2020
  • Cannadips CBD “The Humboldt Collection: Strawnana” debuting at (Booth #6162) at TPE 2020

Cannadips started in the recreational California Cannabis industry in 2016 trying to solve a discreet and effective dosing method for Cannabis. Cannadips CBD, distributed by Kretek International and now powered by Lexaria Bioscience, is available across the United States and Europe with American Grown Hemp CBD tins.

From Arcata, California Case Mandel, Co-Founder and CEO of Cannadips “I challenged my team to create the most mind-blowing flavors possible and think outside the box when it came to giving the consumer the best experience possible. We’ve chewed hemp, we’ve chewed leaves, heck we’ve tried damn near everything in our quest to create the best cannabinoid pouch in history. Stumbling on how good the terpenes taste was one of our greatest innovations in 2019. Caitlin, our production lead, really captured the essence of the strain profiles and we can’t wait to share them with you at TPE and our broader friends and family in Q2 2020.”

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