Cannadips CBD Brings Manufacturing Home

Cannadips CBD Brings Manufacturing Home - Cannadips®

Cannadips CBD has brought manufacturing back home to the origin of the brand, Humboldt County- California.  Cannadips CBD is excited to manufacture the product in the region that has made it famous.  This move has allowed the company to supply jobs locally as well as provide the quality and craftsmanship that the brand stands behind.  "Nothing feels better than each tin coming off the line in our hometown" says our co-founder Case Mandel.

In the process of bringing manufacturing back home the move has allowed Cannadips CBD to reduce their prices from $17.99 a can to $9.99 a can which will allow for its current customers as well as new customers to enjoy the Cannadips CBD experience without breaking the wallet.  
Below is a video of our co-founder Case Mandel touring you through our manufacturing facility and welcoming you to join him in tossing a couple lipboomers and being one of the guys.

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