Survive 5 Challenge

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We're bringing you the wildest dip product ever invented, the flaming hot, Survive 5 Pouch Challenge. At Cannadips we aren't afraid to turn it up a notch and this release has damn near broken the Scoville scale.

We combined Carolina Reaper and Trinidad Scorpion powders with our favorite Mango pouches to give you the hottest pouch ever made. With just a hint of that sweet mango before getting a fire bomb of smoky spiciness from the chilis, these pouches will leave you gasping for air.

Survive 5 Challenge

Can you survive 5?
Survive 1 minute:Rookie
Survive 2 minutes:Veteran
Survive 3 minutes:All-Star
Survive 4 minutes:Hall of Fame
Survive 5 minutes:Absolute Legend
1.6 Million Scoville units

Tag @cannadips use the hastag #Isurvived5 and have your glory posted on our Wall of Fame! Don't have Instagram? You can upload your video below: