“the first major local efforts to stake out space in the newest consumer market in California — cannabis.”


In 2016, Cannadips began crafting the pouch-in-mouth for California’s recreational marijuana market. We were no strangers to the cannabis industry and our blue-collar roots made us familiar with tobacco dip. Putting the cannabis in the dip was a natural evolution — a cannabis dip. The experience with chewing tobacco as a delivery method seemed like the perfect solution for a new cannabis product. We couldn’t believe it hadn’t been done.

It was a simple concept, but the grind to develop the product was not easy. We traveled the world, partnering with a food chemist whose life work was the key to unlock it all. We sourced rare and specialized machines to bring the pouch to reality. Through the journey, Cannadips created something more than just a pouch. It is not just an alternative to tobacco. We believe the pouch is the best way to provide absorption in the mouth. Cannadips is trade-craft, science, art, nature, and human stories all coming together.

“I found nothing like this had been done. We raised our initial capital and bought the snus machine. Everyone we’ve hired is local and get our product from local farmers. We’re providing jobs and it’s exciting to be able to give back to the community.”

Cannadips Co-Founder & CEO Case Mandel

“I took a lot of chemistry courses at HSU that coordinate with manufacturing pouches. I can compare it most to organic chemistry, a lot of formulas and just the practice of being in the lab helps with Cannadips.”

Humboldt Operations Director Caitlin Prager