Palmie THCP

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THCP or HHCP Cannadips Cannot Be Shipped to ID, ND.

Are you looking to get Ripped?

These pouches TORCH YOU.
Cannadips Rippers pack a serious punch for the 21+ crowd who wants some lip pillows that glaze. Finally a legal lipper that can take you to the moon and give you a secret buzz anytime and anywhere.

This product is from hemp and under .3% THC however can make you fail a drug test.

THCP & HHCP are powerful cannabinoids found in hemp that have strong psychoactive effects that can ignite any and all adventures. This combo kit contains HHCP in (OG Kush and Blue Razz) as well as THCP in (Blue Dream and Wintergreen) Each pouch is bursting with 1.5mg of THCP or HHCP which is enough to light you up and each can contains 15 pouches.

PALMIE THCP RIPPERS A true flavor innovation that is poised to take the world by storm. The Palmie is a perfect blend of craft black tea and natural citrus and we couldn't be more excited to offer it with THCP. Enjoy this fantastic flavor wherever you go.  The golf course or office will never be the same again. Limited Run - so stock up while The Palmies are around.

For Dosing we recommend starting with 1 pouch and waiting 30-60 minutes for full effect and then continue to dose based on desired effect.