Cannadips x Partee Tour

Cannadips x Partee Tour - Cannadips®

The Coastal Cowboys left the Hills of Humboldt to partake in the 1st ever ParTee Tour to close out a wild month of February. Hosted by Cannadips Long Drive Legends Wes Patterson and Jesus of Golf the event was one for the record books.

The Day started out with a wild scramble where Dusty Blunts from your home team led the charge and ensured that we were able to finish middle of the pack - even in the absence of Cannadips All-Stars - Dontrelle Willis and the Long Drivers (Wes & Jesus). The day evolved into an awesome activity that blended live art, music, and golf. A highlight for the Humboldt Fellas, was seeing Miami staple - Secret Walls who have been igniting the art scene since 2006. The squad united with Cannadips veteran Sammy who brought the hand rolled cigars for the team and made sure the party stayed LIT. A day for the record books as the boys flew home after a 48 hour whirlwind.

ParTee Tour will be coming to a town near you and bringing its golf activity experience. So don’t sweat if you missed the inaugural chip and sip or long drive lessons with Jesus. Until then give our Youtube a follow as we will be releasing uncut scenes from the debauchery as well as plenty of new golf matches and a soon to be released new show highlighting Cannabis and Sports.


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