The Newest Addition to the Humboldt Collection

We are pleased to announce that a new flavor in the Humboldt Collection, TRAINWRECK, is available while supplies last.

The lore of this strain, as told by locals, has roots in the Emerald Triangle region of Northern California, where Cannadips was born. While Trainwreck’s naming origins are hard to verify, the local story stands that it’s named after a train crash near the site of the guerilla grow in Arcata, CA - where two brothers threw out seeds from Mexican and Thai Sativas and Afhgani Kush which resulted in this hybrid . Legend states that the brothers harvested their crops before emergency crews rolled in and discovered their stash.

Given this history, we knew we had to make a go at delivering a terpene-fueled flavor profile in honor of this strain and add it to the Humboldt Collection of modern alternatives to traditional dip. Trainwreck’s aroma has earthy and floral notes with undertones of pine, spice, and citrus fruits like lemon. We are proud of what we achieved and hope you enjoy it while it is available. If you are looking for an outside perspective, you can read what Snubie had to say about this release.

From Thursday, June 10 - Sunday, June 13th, this variety (and all of our modern dip alternative products) will be available with at a 20% discount. Also, if the Humboldt Collection intrigues you, look for our 4-pack Humboldt Roll, featuring TRAINWRECK, RUNTZ, OG KUSH AND ZKITTLES at the special price of $35, while supplies last.

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